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Mandalar College

Historical Background



andalar College was founded in 2012, 1st December. Mandalar  College  located in Amarapura Township, beside the high way road of old Yangon Mandalay, near the Swal Daw Pagoda, Mandalay City, Mandalay Region. It's location is North latitude 21.52' East Longitude 96. 5' and area is 47 Acres.


Mandalar College has 13 academic departments and 4 admin departments. 13 academic departments are Myanmar, English, History, Geography, Philosophy, Oriental Studies, Tourism Management, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany and Geology. 4 admin departments are Admin, Student affair, Engineer and Finance.


Mandalar College has 6 arts Major Subject and 5 Sciences Major Subject. 6 arts Major Subject are Myanmar, English, History, Geography, Philosophy and Tourism Managements. Tourism Management Subject in Mandalar College is only one university for the upper Myanmar. 5 Sciences Major Subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and Botany.


In Mandalar College, credits and semester system were used for each academic year with the aim to attain the highest national and international educational standards. An academic year has two semesters. The first semester is from December to March and the second is from June to September.


Nowaday 3522 Students are attending in Mandalar College. 96 academic staff and 166 admin office staff serve in Mandalar College.


Mandalar College complete university infrastructure such as Library, Gymnasium, Convocation, Lecturer Hall, Play ground ( Football Field) , Canteen, Wi-Fi internet access, Training Hotel and Clinic.


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