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Oriental Studies

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Department of Oriental Studies


andalar College was founded is 2012. There are departments including Oriental Studies Department. At Mandalar College, Oriental Studies is tought as a minor subject.

Oriental Studies is the foundation of the development of Myanmar Culture, having good will and good character. So, it is an important subject for society.

There are 2 staff at the Oriental Studies Department of Mandalar College. They are Daw Win Win Thit a Lectruer , head of department and Dr. Htwe Htwe Kyaw , an assistant Lecturer.


  Name                        -     Daw Win Win Thit

  Designation              -     Lecturer & Head

  Qualification            -    




  Name   Designation
1 Daw Win Win Thit - Lecturer and Head
2 Daw Than Than Htay - Lecturer
3 Dr. Htway Htway Kyaw - Assistant Lecturer




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