Your Best Choice of Accent Chairs with Arms

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This time, we are talking about accent chairs with arms that not only provide extra seating but also character to the living room. Unlike the usual chairs, this chair is so easy to spot thanks to its decorative design and gorgeous look. Most of the chairs come alone instead of in group but they still look outstanding. This chair is like the complement of the overall living room which makes the space more vibrant and unique in character. So, the more unique and custom the chair, the better it is. Be insightful and open minded when shopping for the right chairs.

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Best Choices of Accent Chairs with Arms

  1. Club Chair

Does the club chair ring a bell? This is undoubtedly one of the most favorite accent chairs with arms available in the market. This particular type of chair does come with some distinct features. Among the key features are extra deep seats, high quality upholstery, roomy armchair, and perfect for relaxing while reading books. Just like most accent chairs with wooden arms, this chair is often preferred than other chairs in the living room. Most of the times, you spot this chair in pairs and create such cozy nook which offers ideal companion in the living room. It is often covered with leather upholstery through the nail head trim is also a favorite. Here is the unique fact about this chair. Its name was actually originated from French “fauteuil confortable” which means comfy chair.

  1. Wingback Chair

The second most favorite option of accent chairs with arms is known as wingback chair, another cozy seating spot in the living room. It has signature features including the typically tall back and winged sides. Its size is also considered a bit bigger which makes it a nice cozy large sofa and creates such beautifully balanced scale of living room. Mostly, this chair is situated next to fireplace.

This favorite location is actually due to some reason which is to protect the inhabitant from heat and draft from roaring file. Apparently, some home owners have been using this chair as the dining chairs to give their dining room more characters. And their decision was on point because the dining room does receive big change on design and appearance. Using this chair as extra seating during party is definitely another great idea.

  1. Bergere Chair

Are you familiar with the type of accent chairs with arms known as Bergere chair? Well, you should because it has been another custom designed chair with lots of characters. It has some distinct features such as regal lines and exposed wooden frame that surrounds both the seat and back of the upholstered chair. It is a perfect casual chair with a touch of elegance with the loose seat cushion for more comfort when seating.

This beautiful chair usually comes in pairs and is tucked into corner of positioned on the opposite of the sofa. If you are looking for an elegant accent chair, it definitely is the right choice especially if you own contemporary homes. This chair makes a great pair with accent chairs with ottoman style to be added either into your living space or bedroom.

Tips for Decorating with Accent Chairs with Arms

Now that you have been informed with various choices of accent chairs and how beautiful they will be once added into your house, you can start your hunting for the right chairs right away. However, there are some main factors to consider.

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Decide on how many chairs you want to buy. To find out the exact number of chair you should buy, the room’s space and function should definitely be a thing you have to fully consider. For instance, if you have medium sized living room, you can do more than one accent chair. Two chairs will be perfect in most situations but it is recommended to locate the chairs on opposite position instead of locating them side by side. Always looks for custom look because this kind of chair usually has more character and unique features to add more personality and color into the room.

Choosing the right size is another task you should do correctly. To do this, it is necessary to measure the accent chair’s scale against the sofa. You can certainly go for bulkier accent chairs with arms but the chairs should fit into the space. Bigger chair gives you more character and comfort while smaller chair offers delicate look to the room. But one thing you need to remember is that the sofa and chair height should match up. Make sure the chair’s height is not too higher than the sofa.

Now that you have chosen the right task and the number of accent chairs with arms you will add into your living space, continue the task by choosing the right fabric. When it comes to fabric, texture, pattern and color are the three most important features. Everyone wants to seat on chair with comfortable upholstery’s fabric so going for more expensive fabric will be the decision you will not regret. Some most favorite fabrics used for accent chairs include polyester and linen. These two fabrics have various ranges of patterns and colors and are easy to clean and maintain.

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Pattern and color on the other hand are more related to the chair’s appearance. Since accent chairs are always more accented than the sofa. Both color and pattern should have more charm and characters to make the chairs looking outstanding.

Always pay attention to the budget because house decorating can be beyond control if you do not have budget as a means of control. In this case, the general budget for accent chairs with arms is going over $600 up to $1500 for each chair. The price you should pay depends on the style, quality and comfort. If you are willing to go to the maximum budget of around $1500, you can definitely get very special piece of accent chairs. But if you are not too flexible in budget, consider buying a used chair that still has good condition instead of buying new ones at more expensive price.