The Benefits and Recommendations of the Best High Back Chair

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High back chair may seem quite straightforward and self-explanatory, however, a lot of people still find it difficult to understand the difference between a few similar products along with each of the characteristic in order to find out which one is superior compared to the other for particular use – and this is exactly what we are trying to outline in this article.

Reasons why properly designed chair is important

Baroque High Back Purple Chair

At home, for instance, when it comes to purchasing furniture, we would most likely spend quite a long period of time wondering which one of the available chairs would go well with our interior and décor. Often we end up with high back accent chair for its look and comfort. Whereas in the office, we may not have much say about the décor and furniture choices, but they directly affect us nonetheless. The chair, for instance. It may be one thing that is hugely taken for granted for many of us, and majority of workers are unaware of the importance of their chair and working station – but when problem arises as a result, we would notice right away how important this piece of furniture is. A few will swear by the High back chair they have been using for a long time, while others do not really give a lot of thought when it comes to it.

Yes, chairs are indeed one of those things that workers often overlook yet can literally make or break your productivity. You do not really think about it until you have to encounter issues as a result of inadequate support or poor ergonomic design. Have you been having issues with your lower back? Or have you been dealing with excruciating back pain? Yet you cannot seem to figure out why you have either of those problems. After such a long time of dealing with the same issue, you finally get the suspicion that the culprit behind it is none other than your office chair.

Sitting in your assigned workstation is imperative for your job, you have to sit on your chair for the rest of your day – practically from 9 in the morning, to 5 in the evening when you have no work to do overtime. Sitting for hours straight and every single day of the week especially on a chair that is poorly designed with no adequate support would definitely affect both of your productivity and your health. Lower back pain and back pain are two of the most common health conditions which majority of office workers have to deal with. This is exactly what this article is going to talk about. Not only are we going to inform you of the best office chair that supports your health and productivity, but also provide you with information regarding the difference of each office chair models so you will be able to make an informed decision – from High bar chair to the low and mid back ones.

Three of the aforementioned types of chair may seem incredibly simple as they are quite self-explanatory – but are the ones you picture in your head can be considered as the right depiction of each product and do they do each product justice? Let’s start from the high back office chair, when majority of us hear this type of High back chair, we would most likely imagine a picture of an office chair with a high back rest up to the point where we have a head rest on the top of it, and possibly long arm rest. Whereas the low and mid-back have shorter back rest which possibly go as low as a user’s lower back and the other one slightly higher than that – possibly to the mid-back area.

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For the most part, those definitions are not necessarily wrong simply because the High back chair really does come with a high back rest and a head rest, however the other models interestingly enough come with the same back rest height. Yes, both low back and Mid back chairs feature the same back rest that is up to the middle of our back. The difference lies in the fact that low back chairs are not made for comfort as they are intended for short period of use and while both chairs do feature built-in lumbar support, only mid back chairs feature shoulder blade area of our back – this way we will be able to sit on the chair for longer period of time without having to put a lot of pressure to our spine.

Understanding the difference between high back chair, low, and mid-back and which one is far more superior

High Back Accent Chair With Tall Back Accent Chairs

Mid back chairs feature a few of the incredible features of High back chair. Being cheaper than the other high end counterpart, the mid back chairs obviously come with a set of limitations. Although it comes with incredible features, they are not customizable let alone adjustable.

Being the best choice, high back chairs are without a doubt the most expensive option compared to the other two. However, a few things must be taken into consideration – things such as what your job description entails and whether or not it requires you to be mobile most of the time. This is largely due to the fact that a High back chair comes with a high back rest, while it’s a good thing as it completely supports your lumbar spine and can be adjusted in certain way that perfectly suits your posture, the chair doesn’t allow much flexibility if your job requires high mobility as it is quite constrictive.

Another things to consider is its locking positions along with adequate adjustability which consists of two types of control. These controls are tilt tension control and height control – all of which should be flexible enough for those who sit on it to handle, customize or adjust it so that the chair can fit each of individual unique posture or form. Another thing to consider is the weight capacity of the chair, because not only does this criterion contribute to the durability of the chair, but also whether or not the High back chair would serve you well in your long day at work.