Best Ergonomic Office Chair to Boost Comfort and Productivity

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Ergonomic office chair is what you are looking for. By sitting on such kind of chair, you can finish your job all day long without any kind of problem such as uncomfortable or back pain. There are hundreds of office chairs on the market and it makes you confuse sometimes. The answer is finding the best office chair. To make you easier, just check the list of best office chair below. Hopefully, one of them is your favorite so you can buy it right away and feel the comfort.

Embody Office Chair

ergonomic office chair

This chair is designed by Herman Miller. The main reason why people love this ergonomic office chair is because this chair is designed with health consideration. By sitting on this chair, you can work all day long without any health problem including back pain or spine problems. Just imagine, during the process, the manufacturer is consulting the design to the physician and engineer. It is done to create an office chair with great detail and to solve problem. The result is that Embody office chair has a unique feature just like exoskeleton which helps to keep your spine health. This office chair has achieved several awards such as Silver Awards from NeoCon and Best of Tech Awards. The good side is that this award winning office chair is offered in affordable price. Just imagine! You are about to sit on healthy design office chair which makes you comfortable and productive and it is sold in affordable price. Embody office chair might be one of your favorite chair.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

best ergonomic office chair

If you want to find best ergonomic office chair, you can take Steelcase Gesture office chair on your list. Just like Embody, this chair is also considered as an award winning office chair. This is due to its unique and revolutionary design. This chair is suitable for any kind of posture, position, and size. Definitely, as the best ergonomic office chair, Steelcase Gesture is safe and health enough for your back and neck. Thanks to Live Back technology which can be automatically adjusted the chair just like your posture to keep your spine and neck safe for all day long working schedule. This is also the armrest which can be adjusted to follow any kind of posture. The armrest is not only an ordinary feature. In fact, you can adjust it easily including putting it further back and swivel with 360 degree of motion. This function is good to keep your arm safe whatever the position of your arm. Firm and soft office chair is important to keep your comfort and focus while working. The unique part of this chair is on its adjustable tension. By adjusting the tension of the chair, you can make Steelcase Gesture office chair firmer and softer. This revolutionary design and feature made this chair achieved the NeoCon Gold Awards in 2013. Do you care about the color of the chair? Just choose one of 8 different colors and make sure that it is your favorite color.

Aeron Office Chair

best office chair

Embody is not the only ergonomic office chair designed by Herman Miller. This designer is also designing Aeron office chair. The unique part of this office chair is the material. It is not just like any other chair, Aeron doesn’t use foam. Instead of using foam, Herman Miller takes woven and it is made along with biomorphic principles. You can feel it when you sit on the chair. You feel the ultimate comfort and it stands all day long! The design is effectively prevent lower back pain caused by sitting too long. Moreover, it is supported by a high back and a head cushion feature. These features help you to safe your head and help you to find the correct posture for comfortable sitting position. Aeron is offered in three different types which are A, B, and C.

Haworth Zody Office Chair

Haworth Zody Office Chair

Finding a healthy office chair is very important for workaholic like you. That’s why you should take Haworth Zody office chair on your shopping list. This ergonomic office chair has been recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association. Actually, the focus of this chair is on its ergonomic and health. Too bad, the manufacturer doesn’t really focus on the design so some people thought that this office chair is unattractive. Due to the strict design to the healthy sitting, Haworth Zody office chair is perfect for formal areas. To achieve the goal, this chair is designed along with asymmetrical system. By using this system, it keeps you away from lower back pain and any kind of health problem caused by sitting too long. The adjustable design supports your body comfort. Even, this chair helps you to correct your spinal alignment. In short, by the time you sit on this chair you feel that your body healthier than before when you are still working. It shows that it is not only about an attractive design but healthy and comfortable chair is everything.

Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

As an ergonomic office chair, it has great features and design for the users. Interestingly, this chair is made environmentally friendly along with bonded leather. Some of office chairs are difficult to adjust and it takes more time to get the best adjustment. You don’t need to feel such kind of difficulty if you are using Serta Mid-Back office chair. You just need to push the button and you can adjust the chair easier and faster just like what you want. Furthermore, this chair helps you to correct your posture. This technology keeps your health by keeping your posture in neutral or normal position. This position helps a lot to prevent back pain problem, disk problem, or spinal problems.

Now, you have enough ergonomic office chair reference to choose. The important thing to note is that all of the office chairs above are designed to keep your health while working all day long. By sitting on the best ergonomic office chair, you can keep the comfort and focus to finish your jobs maximally. You can also enjoy the result and you don’t have to spend your days in the hospital because of health problem such as chronic back pain, spinal problem, or disks problem. Just change your ordinary office chair with ergonomic office chair right now!