Types of Chairs For Living Room

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Chairs for living room come in many different types, design, and materials. Some of the most famous one are the accent and the lounge chairs. Some people are also interested to know what kind of small chair suitable for their small living room. To begin with, we will with the explanation of accent chairs for living room.

chairs for living room

Types of accent chairs for living room

accent chairs for living room

  • Teal accent

There are many design developed from teal accent. All of them succeed in showing astonishing design, which could beautify the look of every living room. The stylish look from this chair is also makes this design as a popular chair chosen by many people all over the world. Sometimes, teal accent chair also comes with ottoman accompanied. Some other has a natural linen or charcoal fabric.

  • Club accent chair

This chair is a perfect companion for your sofa. If you do not have any sofa, it does not mean that you could not put this chair in your living room. Put two of this chair altogether and make a pleasant corner. As a result, you will have good-looking chairs for living room that will catch every people’s eyes. Beside the look, this chair also offers comfortable deep seat experience. You would not be able to resist having relaxed time once you take a sit on this chair.

  • Slipper accent chair

If you only have a small size living room, then this chair might be the suitable one to put there. This chair has no arm and it comes with silhouette on its upholstery. To make your living room more attractive, you could put any kinds of coffee table for this chair’s companion.

  • Roundabout accent chair

This chair firstly invented around 1700s. The first goal of the designer was to make a suitable chair to put on a small living room. This chair has a unique characteristic. It has square seat, which turn at a specific angle and one of its leg is facing front. Because of its unique properties, this chair still popular until nowadays.

Types of small chairs for living room

small chairs for living room

  • Folding chair

As suggested by its name, this chair will save the space in your living room while could still giving beautiful touch as well. This chair made by the Tierney Haines architects. You could crumple these chairs for living room into a very flat form. You could stack and store it as well in a very tight space.

  • Folding “envelope” chair

Actually, this design does not have quite much different with the one we explained before. However, this chair has more specialties on its strength. It made from polypropylene. This chair only has 11 lbs for its weigh; however, it could support 353 lbs for seating.

  • Two legged illusion chair

If you are a unique furniture hunter, then you should collect these chairs for living room. At a fast glance, you might hard to believe how chairs with only two legs could have the ability to stand on its own. The designer intentionally makes this design to show a clever trick. The shadow you see from it is actually part of the design as well. There is a steel plate attached to some part on the front legs.

  • Chaise lounge, chair and bed in one wrap

This chair has a sleek design. You could use it as lounge or bed at the same time. When you make it as a chair, it will not make a bulky look for your living room as well.

Types of lounge chairs for living room

lounge chairs for living room

  1. Wing lounge

This design is actually adapting the classic wing chair design. However, it covered in more stylish and modern design. The upholstery of this chair is using elastic memory foam as its material. It is actually the same material used by NASA to make their spacecrafts. In result, this lounge chair is the first one that has the certificate from the Space Foundation.

  1. Egg Chair

The egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 could be counted as a lounge chair as well. What unique from this chair is that this chair has a tilt mechanism. It allows the user of this chair to relax in a very comfortable lounge. It also has high back that add the comfy of this chair. If you look at this chair carefully, you will find a curved line that somehow similar to the wing chair.

  1. Cradle chairs for living room

These chairs designed by many designers from Victoria University in Wellington. The unique design of this chair provides amazing coziness. You could cuddle inside this chair as well. If you are looking for an alternative of rocking chair, then this one could be the right choice for you.

  1. Eames Lounge and Ottoman

This chair first produced in 1956. Until today, this chair still keeps its popular name throughout the world. Many people already proved their satisfying experience of the comfort and beautiful design this chair gives to their living room. This chair made from molded plywood technology.

  1. Zoe chair

If you are looking for a casual chair, then this chair is worth to try. Actually, this one is included in the beanbag chair as well. The upholstery of this chair made from fabric and sometimes from leather. It is removable, so you could change the upholstery as you like it. Chairs in Zoe types might not have a very sophisticating design. However, if you are a type of person who prioritize the comfort, then this chair will go well with your condition. This chair is not suitable to put in living room only, but will be a good look to place it on your bedroom as well.

  1. Nest chair

This chair is the result of a project run by Danish furniture with Karup A/S as the manufacturer. It is made of many futon mattress and combines the Japanese and Western design. This chair is not only comfortable but also functional. You could take every futon and make it as a bed for your guest.