Types of Materials for Executive Office Chair

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Executive office chair comes in many types. There are many choices to adjust your preferences based on the model as well as the materials used to make it. Each from the materials brings its own benefits as well as limitation. It is very important to know both of these characteristics to make sure that you are aware of what are you going to purchase and would not have any regret in the future. So, what are the materials often used?

Commodore Traditional Executive Office Chair

Aluminum executive office chair

When you choose this material to decorate your office, you will gain a modern look because of its polished appearance. This material also has anti corrosion feature, which means that you should not be worry about the spill of water in your office. To add more of its goodness, this type of chair is very light. If you are a type of person who really likes to décor your office repeatedly, then this material is the suitable one for you. However, you should consider two main limitations of this material as well. The first fact is that it is easy to have scratches in all over the surface. The second one is that the material might have a weak look.

Fabric executive office chair

If you are a person who does not have many times to take care of your office furniture, then this one should be the most suitable one for you since it has minimal upkeep as its characteristic. Moreover, this material is usually well-padded one. While for the limitations, this type is easier to damage compared with the other materials.

Mesh executive office chair

You could give a modern look of your office room simply by using this chair material. This material also needs a simple maintenance, so it would not take much of your time to prevent this chair to look so old.  The mesh material also gives a well ventilated as this chair characteristic. However, this type is not ideal if you plan to use this chair for a very long period of use.

Polymer executive office chair

This material is certainly comes in high density that will satisfy you. It also has durable characteristic that might makes you able to save your allowance to buy another chair in the future. Despite of its benefits, you need to consider one lack of this chair. This material might have a lack built on its padding.

Chrome executive office chair

This material has quite same benefits of appearance with aluminum one. The polished appearance of this material is certainly one attracting characteristic you should not resist. It also has anti corrosion property and is easy to clean up. Compared to the aluminum, this chair offers more weight material that could give a sturdier look. However, all this benefits of course accompanied by the higher price you should pay.

Leather executive office chair

executive office chair leather

This material had a special spot in many people hearts since it always successful in giving sophisticated look that catch every people’s eyes. Chairs with leather as its material is also goes well with any types of room decoration. The well-padded is also never give disappointment to the one who pick this chair. Leather is also has a natural resistant property towards spills, stains, or even smells. This characteristics makes this executive office chair leather has a long lasting feature. On the other hand, to get all of this material benefits in your office room, you need to make quite big allowance since money applied to count the worth of this chair. This material also needs occasional conditioning as well. You also need to remember that leather is sensitive to extreme temperature of cold and hot.

Microfiber executive office chair

This material has a resistant feature of stain as well as sun fade. It is also good for you who want to have long lasting chair since this material has a durable characteristic. However, this type often easy to attract dust as well as hair. It also performs a less friendly environmental property compared to the other material.

Vinyl executive office chair

If you are confused to choose what kind of chair to match your room decoration, then you could have a quick decision to use chairs with vinyl material. This material is having a characteristic of easy to blend with any kinds of room decoration. Chairs from this material also becomes many people’s choice since it is durable and do not need a tiring hard work to clean. Nevertheless, if you want to go with this material, you need to take a good protection of this chair because it could be damaged easier compared to the other materials.

Plastic executive office chair

This material is gaining famous throughout the world. Many people use this chair since it shows a good resistant to any kinds of spills, stains as well as smells. It also has a light weigh that makes chairs from this material easy to move. Moreover, you do not need to make a big allowance in order to purchase this chair. On the other hand, this material might have lacks on its durability, breathability as well as the built of its padding.

Wood executive office chair

Any things from woods always succeed in giving a natural look. This material also performs a good durable, as well as sustainable characteristic.  However, chairs from this material might be lack on the built of its padding. Too much exposure to moisture is also bringing damage.

Bonded leather executive office chair

If you did not prepare enough allowance to have the executive office chair leather but still want to have all of its benefits, then a bonded leather material might the most suitable one for you. It could give the same sophisticated appearance with a lower price compared to the genuine leather. Since, it has a cheaper price, you should not complain too much if this material has a worse breathability. If you want to keep chair with this material looks well, you will need maintenances that are more frequent than executive office chair leather.