7 Things to Know before Buying Ergonomic Desk Chair

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ergonomic desk chair

It is reasonable if you may only choose the ergonomic desk chair for your office. Based on the experiences of many employers, the chairs they use really influence the work performance. Yes, when the chairs are comfortable enough, some activities like writing or typing in front of computer can be done very well without disturbing their body condition so much. On the other hand, wrong selection of chairs tends to lessen their productivity. Since desk chair is very important, selecting them well before buying is very necessary. The question is how a chair can be considered as ergonomic. If you check the meaning, ergonomic means that it is very suitable and appropriate for human. So, a chair is called as ergonomic when it is able to suit you properly. There are some important things that must be considered as well in choosing such an ergonomic desk chair. What they are?

The Flexibility

The flexibility here means that the chairs must be able to set based on your wants. There are indeed some kinds of fixed office chairs in which the price must be more affordable. However, this kind of chair is probably only good for certain people with proportional body. In fact, not all people are that lucky. When the ergonomic chair desk can be set particularly the height, it is more comfortable for sure. You can just sit down there more properly since all of them are right on your body. If you need a chair for long term usage, a chair with setting is definitely appropriate for you.

Armrest Position

Not only is it about the height of chair in general that needs to set, particular parts of the ergonomic desk chair must also be set well. One of them is the armrest. As additional information, your sitting gesture is at the best when your arms shape an angle of 90 degree with your elbows as the corner point. Another good position is when the arms are placed really closed to the body. This way of sitting is helpful enough to avoid certain injury and pain on some spots like arms, shoulder, and even back. Of course, in order to create such positions, the armrest of your chair must be placed properly. So, make sure that before working, you set your chair well.

Backrest Position

ergonomic office chair with lumbar support

Another important thing is about the backrest. Even if you use a very ultimate chair like ergonomic office chair with lumbar support, it will be no use without a good backrest position. Again, flexible chair in which the backrest can be set must be the first on your list. Meanwhile, it is more recommended for you to choose a chair with spring backrest. Here is the reason. This kind of backrest is able to adapt your body posture and even weight well. This makes the chair can sustain and place the back more comfortably. It makes you less tired and painful even if you have to sit down all day long. Another suggestion is the height of backrest itself. Make sure that your ergonomic desk chair has high backrest to put your head. This position will lessen the risk of neck injury as well.

The Chair

Chair is where we sit down. That’s why; it becomes the most important thing in general. When seeing the chairs in the shop, make sure to pay attention more to the surface of chair. Make sure that it has a kind of curves with the shape of your behind. This design can lessen the risk of stiff or pain on certain areas starting from the waist to the legs. Make sure that you feel relax while sitting on the ergonomic desk chair. However, it is so good if your back position is still sturdy so that your body posture will still be good.

The Wheels

There are many reasons why the wheels are placed on the chair desk. The main reason is of course to help the users to move more flexibly without having to stand up. Sure, it means you must choose this kind of ergonomic desk chair and not the others. It can make your works done faster, save your time more, and lessen the feeling of tired. But there is something you must think as well. Spending too many times on the chair is not allowed basically. Therefore, even if you can move from one place to another with the chair, you still need to stand up and walk around several times to relax your body.

Stepping on the Ground

This term is not only a poetic idiom. While sitting on the chair, your feet must still step on the ground. That’s why; the ergonomic desk chair must be set by adapting your body height. Similar to the armrest mentioned before, it is recommended that your feet must shape angles of 90 degree with your knees as the corner point. This position is considered as the best particularly when you want to avoid the pain and stiff on the feet areas. Based on that fact, your chairs must not be too high or too low. Sometimes when you feel tired with this position, you may raise your chair so that the feet are in the hanging position. This way is helpful to relax the muscles and nerves. Sure, this position only can be used several times when you feel really tired. Although the position of hanging feet is very comfortable, it is not good for your feet also when you do it too often.

The Materials

Despite the shapes and flexibility, there is one more thing you must consider while buying the office chair. It is about the materials used. The structure must be strong and durable so that you can use them for a long time. Meanwhile, soft and smooth upholstery is also important to feel more comfortable. Another idea is choosing a chair with surface that can absorb the sweat without giving the sense of moist. This kind of ergonomic desk chair will be more durable and not easy to be attacked by fungi and bacteria.